Cyber Crime is increasing with more users connected than ever

In 2017, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) published a detailed report examining the cyber crime business model. Since then, the growth in ransomware and extortion attacks has expanded dramatically, with cyber criminals adapting their business models to gain efficiencies and maximise profits.

This white paper, published by the NCSC and the National Crime Agency (NCA), examines how the tactics of organised criminal groups have evolved as ransomware and extortion attacks have grown in popularity.

Since IT systems are now ubiquitous, ransomware attacks can be truly devastating for victims and their customers, which is why it remains the most acute cyber threat for most UK businesses and organisations. Attacks can affect every aspect of an organisation’s operation, hitting finances, compromising customer data, disrupting operational delivery, eroding trust and damaging reputations. The impact will be felt in the short and long term, particularly when organisations are unprepared. Recovery is often lengthy and costly.

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