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Our corporate advisory, accountancy, tax and investment services

We provide a range of specialist corporate advisory, accountancy, taxation and investment services. However, we offer more than ‘off the shelf’ solutions. We work with each of our clients on a personal level to create a bespoke approach and foster long-term working relationships.

As trusted partners, we understand the problems your business faces and we can use our knowledge and industry experience to apply the perfect combination of all our services on a case by case basis.

Corporate Advisory

The IT industry requires professional partners with sector specific knowledge. At KKVMS, we have the expertise required to understand and remove the barriers between your business and success. We offer a range of corporate advisory services, including intellectual property protection, company formation, restructuring and strategic planning.

All our services are guided by a philosophy that always prioritises a personal working relationship. This means that when you work with us, you receive more than a single service. We aim to become partners in your business. Sometimes even taking up roles as interim financial directors in the companies we partner with.

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We offer a full range of accountancy services across all areas of your business and personal life. Whether implementing innovative cloud-based accounting solutions and software or producing financial statements and managing bookkeeping, we will be your first point of call.

Our industry experts understand the IT sector’s specific requirements. You can trust us to manage all your accounting needs, so that you can focus on growing your business.

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The IT sector is unpredictable. The speed of innovation means that staying on top of the latest tax legislation can become a challenge. With more than 40 years combined industry experience, you can trust our team of experts to keep your business compliant with changing employment, payroll and VAT tax legislation including IR35 and PAYE.

However, we know that tax can be far more than just a regulatory constraint. Our team can advise you on how to proactively use tax incentives – such as R&D credits – to secure funds for your business.

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Securing finance is one of the biggest challenges that many companies in the IT sector face. Innovation requires capital, but this can bring problems when not managed effectively. To ensure that you maintain control of your business when raising finance, we manage the interactions and contracts with potential investors, keeping your best interests at heart.

One example of this approach is to amend share structures when raising investment to make sure you maintain control of your business while still receiving the capital that you need. In 2019, we helped our clients raise over £3m to help their businesses grow. To learn more about how we can help you raise finance for your business

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